Free Fire Max Advance Server Download- OB40 Update

Free Fire Max Advance Server Download- OB40 Update: One of the more well-known Battle Royale games in the world is Garena. It also supports a tonne of mods, many of which end up being included in the game itself. By serving as a substitute server that enables you to play the game with the modifications specified by the game and mod developers, Free Fire Advance Server gives you access to those mods.

Note: Those looking to install and download the free Fire Advance Server OB40 Update should read this article.

How to Play FF Advance Server

Being a part of the Beta testing can be fantastic for a die-hard Garena fan. Additionally, it gives you a sneak peek at a lot of the upcoming game features. By doing this, you can start learning how to use new tools, features, modes, and more. This can, of course, give you a benefit over the general public if and when a feature of the game is made available to everyone. As a result, it is highly recommended that you use the app if you are a frequent player of this game and receive an invite.

Term and Condition
  • Only by invitation; not open to the general public
  • demands that you provide feedback or risk having your account deleted
  • No way to obtain an invitation; it appears to be completely arbitrary.
  • You might encounter bugs that negatively affect your gameplay experience because the game modes are currently in beta.

How to Register For Free Fire Max Advance Server

Follow the steps to download FF advance server:

  • Use this URL to access the official Free Fire Advance Server website.
  • Use any of the methods offered there to log in to the platform. There are typically options for Google and Facebook. It is advised to select the option with which your in-game IDs are linked.
  • A registration screen will appear after logging in and ask the applicant to enter a valid phone number and email address. Fill out the fields truthfully in order to proceed.
  • After a successful registration, the Download APK button will show up. Click on it to download the Advance Server APK. It should be noted that the APK can only be used on Android-compatible devices.
  • Next, download the APK to the device, and in step five, patiently await the activation code.

FF Advance Server New Code

  • X875WU92J6QA5JJZ(New)
  • DYJYAJ56HQN6C24E(New)
  • 8H0926LUDGFBS00G(New)
  • OGVUB5S88QI4F0YH(New)

Free Fire Max Advance Server Benefits

The Free Fire Advance Server is a program that allows selected players to try out upcoming features and updates before they are released to the general public. Here are some of the benefits of using the Free Fire Advance Server:

Early access to new features:

Advance Server users can try out new features and updates before they are available to the general public. This allows them to provide feedback and suggestions to the developers, helping to improve the game.

Opportunity to find and report bugs:

As the Advance Server is a test environment, there may be bugs and issues that need to be addressed before the update is released to the public. Advance Server users can help to identify and report these bugs, allowing the developers to fix them before the update is released.

Exclusive rewards:

Advance Server users may be eligible for exclusive rewards, such as in-game items or currency, for participating in the testing process.

Chance to shape the game:

By providing feedback and suggestions to the developers, Advance Server users have the opportunity to help shape the future of the game.

Join a community of testers:

Advance Server users can join a community of other players who are also testing the game. This can be a great way to connect with other players who share a passion for Free Fire.

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