Free Fire MAX Next Update Release Date – New Update

The next in line and scheduled to launch this month is the Free Fire MAX OB39 update. Registrations for the Advance Server, a unique client to test the new features, were made available as part of Garena’s preparations for the patch.

Free fire max next update date is now confirmed. The next update date is on 15th May 2023. So this will be a major update of the game beside that there are lot of small update & security patches you can get easily as aspected. So get Ready for next major update.

The dedicated client server Advance Server, which will be made available by Garena two weeks before the release, is scheduled to appear in the first week of May. This server’s goal is to test out unreleased material while a select group of users provide developers with feedback. It is significant to note that the stated dates may vary from the actual release date because they are based on previous upgrades.

Free Fire Max OB40 Update Features

The OB40 update for Free Fire introduced several new features and improvements to the game. Here are some of the key features of the OB40 update:

  1. Clash Squad Season 8: The latest season of Clash Squad introduced a new weapon, the Kord Machine Gun, along with new rewards and challenges.
  2. New character – Xayne: A new character, Xayne, was added to the game. Xayne’s special ability is called Xtreme Encounter, which increases her movement speed and damage resistance when she takes damage.
  3. New pet – Sensei Tig: A new pet, Sensei Tig, was introduced. Sensei Tig can detect nearby enemies and mark them on the map for you and your teammates.
  4. Weapon balancing: Several weapons were balanced in the OB40 update, including the M1887 shotgun and the XM8 rifle.
  5. Performance improvements: The OB40 update also included several performance improvements, such as faster loading times and reduced lag.
  6. New lobby interface: The lobby interface was updated with a new design and improved navigation.
  7. New social features: The OB40 update added several new social features, such as the ability to invite friends to join your squad directly from the lobby.

Advanced Server Information

A few days before the client is released, registration for the Advance Server begins. The Free Fire OB40 Advance Server registration date and release date have not yet been made public by Garena.


Q1:When was Garena Free Fire released?
August 23, 2017

Q2:Who developed Garena Free Fire?
111 Dots Studio

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